Salpicón Awarded Three and a Half Stars by Pat Bruno

“Three and a half stars (Excellent-Outstanding)…Salpicón boasts the best upscale Mexican fare in the city. Excelente! The quality, creativity and overall excellence of the cuisine at Salpicón place it firmly in the Numero Uno spot, right there on the top step of the Mexican culinary platform. It appears that the total dedication of chef/proprietor Priscila Satkoff and husband Vincent (wine director/proprietor) is paying off big time. In the upscale Mexican culinary competition Salpicón gets the gold!”


Pat Bruno, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune Review by Phil Vettel

“Three stars (Excellent)… my responsibility is to tell you where the good food is, and that means blowing the whistle on this quiet little operation…a word about that Priscila Satkoff, the Mexico City-born chef who runs Salpicón’s kitchen (her husband Vince, oversees the dining room)…her recipes, nearly all of them interpretations of her grandmother’s cooking (from whom Priscila learned her art), are packed with assertive flavors. Service is efficient and personable, and both Satkoffs visit tables, adding to the hominess of the room.”


Phil Vettel

Chicago-Sun Times Review by Pat Bruno

“Three stars (Excellent)…a sensation…Connoisseurs of Mexican food are descending on this place with a vengeance…an interesting and exciting menu, one that just begs to be tried over and over again…Excellent cooking, a sharp service staff – most of whom speak Spanish – and attention to detail give Salpicón quite an edge over every other Mexican restaurant in the city…It’s a good looking, neat-as-a-pin restaurant, too. There’s a black and white tile floor, paper over hot-pink tablecloths, avocado green bentwood chairs, and a small bar at one end of the room. Striking, colorful paintings and paper-mache fish by noted artist Alejandro Romero complement the décor perfectly. The fare is authentic, cutting-edge Mexican food, so don’t expect thick and gluey beans alongside tinted rice alongside mushy tortillas robed in red.”


Pat Bruno

Chicago Magazine Review

“One of the 10 best new restaurants of the year…a small fiesta of storefront where colorful art hangs on yellow and blue walls and tables are fitted with hot-pink tablecloths and green cane-backed chairs…The food is a splash (one meaning of Salpicón) of often sophisticated regional dishes deftly cooked and lovingly presented.”


Chicago Magazine