Eat this!

Salpicón’s mango and pear tart: When chef Priscila Satkoff decided to get serious about dessert, she didn’t just mess around with her mother and grandmother’s authentic Mexican recipes, she enrolled in the French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College. And shortly after her venerable Salpicón opened 17 years ago, she added the tarta de pera y mango to the menu. “I tried changing this occasionally, but my customers won’t let me,” Satkoff says. No surprise there, with the wonderful sweet pastry crust, crumbly almond topping, fresh fruit filling and exquisite dollop of house-made cajeta (goat’s milk caramel) ice cream. She garnishes it with dehydrated paper-thin slices of mango or pear for crunch and a wonderfully silky mango coulis made of pure mango with a touch of simple syrup. “I grew up watching my grandmother make a version of this, and now I apply some of my techniques to it,” she says. And the best-kept secret? You can find the recipe in her 2008 The Salpicón Cookbook. Salpicón, 1252 N. Wells St., 312-988-7811.


—Laura Levy Shatkin, special to the Tribune