Chicago-Sun Times Review by Pat Bruno

“Three stars (Excellent)…a sensation…Connoisseurs of Mexican food are descending on this place with a vengeance…an interesting and exciting menu, one that just begs to be tried over and over again…Excellent cooking, a sharp service staff – most of whom speak Spanish – and attention to detail give Salpicón quite an edge over every other Mexican restaurant in the city…It’s a good looking, neat-as-a-pin restaurant, too. There’s a black and white tile floor, paper over hot-pink tablecloths, avocado green bentwood chairs, and a small bar at one end of the room. Striking, colorful paintings and paper-mache fish by noted artist Alejandro Romero complement the décor perfectly. The fare is authentic, cutting-edge Mexican food, so don’t expect thick and gluey beans alongside tinted rice alongside mushy tortillas robed in red.”


Pat Bruno